Stretch Course

The highly effective poses of this course are designed to help you reach the front splits. The exercises increase your flexibility and strength, improve circulation and posture and help to alleviate your chronic aches and pains in your lower back and knees at the same time.

The course is designed to be done once a week and takes care of all your flexibility needs.  Doing it twice will not result in faster improvement, but in damaging your connective tissue which takes about 200-210 days to renew. Therefore increasing your flexibility is a gradual process which requires you to pace yourself.

This course works perfectly as a stand-alone class if you are not into Yoga. Whether running, weightlifting or outdoor adventuring, stretching will help you to open up from continuous repetitive patterns of movement. Having great mobility gives you the competitive edge by making you more agile and able to recover from athletic activities faster. When others are hitting a wall, you can keep going.

If you are doing the Yoga course as well, participating in the Stretch course will intensify your experience and make sure that all your flexibility needs are taken care of, because with teaching meditation, breathing, QiGong and developing the power of your mind there is only so much stretching you can fit into a 90 minute Yoga class.

The Stretch Course is a continuous course with no fixed end.
Drop-in students are welcome at any time, but in order to reap the best results consistency is key and a continuous participation is recommended.
Classes take place Wednesdays starting on 29 November.
Each class is 45 min (10.15 – 11.00).

When booking a Yoga or Broga course, special packages are offered for the Stretch Course. Click here to see all costs.

Classes take place at 51 Pedlar Street, Galle Fort, in the Tallentire House Lifestyle Shop.

Costs & Packages
Drop-in Stretch class LKR 900
Ten Stretch Classes LKR 8000
Combo 1:
Yoga/Broga & Stretch LKR 15000
Combo 2:
Yoga/Broga & Stretch & Handstand LKR 17000