In my quest for deeper exploration of mind and body, I found the Ajna Light in Thailand in November 2017.

The light offers a spectacular opportunity to go into deeper states of consciousness in a very short time.

For people who struggle with traditional meditation techniques, the great news is, that you don’t have to clear your mind or do anything in particular for the Ajna Light to function effectively. The flickering lamp does the work for you.

By its very nature a fifteen minute Ajna Light session is perfect for a deeply relaxing and restorative meditation. Give it a shot and use it to heal your mind and body.

This light takes me in a very short period of time to the same ‘Light’ I experience in my deep meditations.

Suranadh Sajjadsophon (Thailand’s most respected Buddhist monk)

What is the Ajna Light?

The Ajna Light was developed in 2014 by Guy Harriman.

The powerful flickering light of the lamp passes through the retina stimulating the pineal gland. The flicker rate in the light induces a trance state and entrainment of brainwaves. During this trippy mental state between wakefulness and sleep, Remote Viewing, Out of Body and Astral Projection can take place.


How does the Ajna Light work?

The Ajna Light uses the latest high power LEDs to take the process of brainwave entrainment much further than previous technology: The hypnagogic state is induced easily and rapidly, and as soon as the Ajna Light stops playing the light pattern sequence, the receiver can quickly come back to a normal alpha or beta brainwave condition without the side effects of Ayahuasca or LSD.

Perhaps light stimulation is more effective in entraining the brain than sound stimulation, because of the greater number of neurons used for the visual system than the auditory system.

Download a pdf by Guy Harimann for a detailed report about the theory and science of the Ajna Light .

Benefits of the Ajna Light

Release of Anti-Aging Hormones Reduced Fatigue
Release of Human Growth Hormone Increased Focus
Deep levels of Relaxation Intuition Development
Advanced Healing of Body and Mind Enhanced Senses
Feelings of extreme Bliss Deeper Awareness of Habits and Dependencies
Reduced Anxiety Enhanced Creativity​​
Vivid Visualisations Improved Cognitive Behaviour
Memory Improvement


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