Do you dream of holding a proper handstand for two minutes effortlessly?

If you want to train handstands on your own, you usually start watching videos on youTube.
Not all videos are created equal and you’d see all sorts of wonderful banana shaped handstands as they are practised and taught widely all over the Yoga world.

You might say “What’s so bad about a banana handstand? That’s just aesthetics!”

A banana handstand has an arched back and depressed shoulders, so bone is grinding on bone and a lot of structural strain is put on the spine. That’s not a recipe for stability nor longevity.

In a proper handstand you to let the muscles and connective tissue of your shoulders and core do the work, so your back is flat, your shoulders are fully elevated with your ears between your arms, and your hands press into the ground.

That’s not easy to do. Most people lack range of motion in the shoulders, strength through the middle back and the traps, as well as good core strength. All of these issues are targeted and dealt with as you progress through the exercises of this handstand course for a solid and effortless handstand.

The Handstand Course progresses continuously and it ends when you pass the final challenge of a 1 minute free-standing handstand. Then you can move on to good press handstand work in the follow-up course “Handstand Progression 2”.

Drop-in students are welcome at any time, but in order to progress quickly, consistency is key and a continuous participation is recommended.
Classes are one hour.

At the moment there is no running course, but you’re welcome to get in touch and arrange classes with Carsten for you and your friends.
Please use the contact form below.
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