Wellness and Nutrition Course

This course is about feeling well and being fit. It will teach you the essence of what Carsten has come to learn about fitness, nutrition, mobility, strength and mindfulness in the last 20 years of chasing his own personal fitness and well-being. It’s a condensed workshop over the course of 8 weeks and covers the topics of nutrition and diet, sleep, exercise and stretching, stress, meditation, fasting, breathing and weight loss. Everything you’ll be taught is based on scientific studies, so come with an open mind and be prepared to let go of anything you believed was true about any of the topics above.

What you get

  • Become a metabolic beast who can run on carbohydrates and fat
  • Get an individual workout schedule custom tailored to your needs
  • Increase your overall mobility and flexibility
  • Strengthen all your joints
  • Get rid-off your back pain
  • Lose your belly fat and tighten your mid section
  • Double and triple your breath hold time
  • Control your food cravings
  • Become more present, mindful, focused and driven
  • 1 free Ajna Light session
  • 1 assessment class at the beginning of the course
  • 14 practice sessions over 7 weeks using the principles of periodisation
  • Each session is between 90min and 2 hours long
  • Individual coaching during course with maximum group size of ten people
  • 6 weeks individual coaching after the course ends to make sure you integrate what you’ve learned into your day to day life

Days and Times

Tuesdays and Thursdays @ 9 am


16, 18 or 20 October for Assessment

23 & 25 October | 30 October & 1 November | 6 & 8 November

13 & 15 November | 20 & 22 November | 27 & 29 November | 4 & 6 December


Assessment Class:

Tue, 16 Oct: Annie & Ben’s house | Thu, 18 Oct: Phil’s house | Sat, 20 Oct: Eva & Greg’s house

Practice Classes:

Annie and Ben’s house

What to bring


LKR 40,000 (payable after first session)

Payback of LKR 16,000 at the end of the course if you attend at least 12 practice sessions.

100% satisfaction guarantee:  If you’re unhappy at any time with the content of the course, you’ll get a full refund.


How to sign up

The course is fully booked 🙂

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